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Air Jordan 4 Black Canvas and Light Steel - Addict Sneakers

Air Jordan 4 Black Canvas and Light Steel

, by Dimitri Boustani, 1 min reading time

$25,000! This is the amount for which a AJ4 Eminem Carhartt was sold on Stockx. At this price, it is better to look for an alternative. That turns out well. The Air Jordan 4 Black Canvas and Light Steel tick all the boxes. It will come back to you… 100 times cheaper. In this time of inflation, there are no small savings:

  • special edition in black canvas is equated (rightly) with the collaboration with the Detroit native rapper;
  • we do not put enough emphasis on his affiliation with the OG Black Cement Grey;
  • look at the eyelets then the gray and red sole;
  • the small sizes are well varnished. The textile shoe will integrate their collection which already features the Air Jordan 4 GS Blank Canvas Sail ;
  • let's finish by adding that the Air Jordan 6 Georgetown will be released simultaneously;
  • the Air Jordan 4 Retro SE will be available (men's sizes) for €219.99 on Saturday September 3 on Snkrs (at 9 o'clock): see pair .

Photos: Barrio Warrior Lindavista, Jordan16Songgao & 99 Problems

Writing: Sneakersactus

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