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New Balance: An American Model of Success

History of the brand: Synonymous with Quality and Comfort

Born in 1906 under the name The New Balance Arch Company in Massachusetts, New Balance is one of the pioneers of the sneaker industry, long before giants like Puma, Nike or Adidas. Founded by William J. Riley, a shoemaker who wanted to help people with foot problems, the brand first produced orthopedic insoles. The name “New Balance” comes from the observation of chicken feet, whose three points of support provided perfect balance. This philosophy of comfort and balance is reflected in every shoe produced, often using premium materials like pigskin leather and handcrafted to ensure superior quality.

New Reference in the World of Running

After being passed down to Riley's daughter, the company took a new direction in 1961 with the launch of the New Balance Trackster, the first running shoe available in multiple widths. This shift marks the beginning of the brand's commitment to running, taking advantage of the growth of this sport in the 1960s, while maintaining a foothold in the world of orthopedic insoles thanks to this innovation.

New Balance's popularity reached new heights when it equipped almost all participants in the New York marathon, thus asserting its global presence.

New Balance 9060: A Fusion of Style and Performance

The New Balance 9060, one of the recent creations of the New Balance teams, perfectly illustrates the combination of modern aesthetics and sporty functionality. Featuring an upper combining mesh and suede, this sneaker stands out for its avant-garde design, reinforced by a thick REVlite sole. Quickly acclaimed by brand aficionados, the 9060 stood out through notable collaborations with creators like Bricks & Wood, Joe Freshgoods, and Bodega.

New Balance 550: A Cult Renaissance

Originally launched in 1989, the New Balance 550 features a smooth leather and perforated mesh upper, supported by a high-quality rubber sole. Intended for basketball courts, it failed to prevail against competitors of the time, such as the Air Jordan 4. However, in 2020, thanks to a collaboration with Aimé Léon Dore of Teddy Santis, this model retro has conquered a new audience, appreciated for its accessibility, quality and comfort.

New Balance 1906R: A Marked Return

Initially created in 2009, the NB 1906R was reintroduced in 2022 in a modernized version reminiscent of the popular 2002R. This model combines a mesh base with leather details and TPU reinforcements, creating a look that is both retro and contemporary. This silhouette has benefited from collaborations with brands such as GANNI, Aimé Léon Dore, thisisneverthat, and Auralee, cementing its place in the current fashion landscape.

New Balance 2002R: Between Luxury and Performance

Originally released in 2010 and produced exclusively in the USA, the New Balance 2002R gained global recognition ten years later, notably with Salehe Bembury's "Peace Be The Journey" collaboration. Known for its premium materials and exceptional comfort, it has attracted a global audience. In 2021, the partnership with Chinese designer Yue Wu for the “Protection Pack” introduced innovative colorways like Rain Cloud, Sea Salt, and Phantom.

New Balance 530: A Classic Reinvented

Since its launch in the early 90s, the New Balance 530 has been recognized for its functional and streamlined design, originally designed for running. In 2015, it was modernized with more resistant materials, meeting the demands of current trends, while remaining faithful to its roots of simplicity and efficiency.

Collaborations Reflecting Brand Values

New Balance stands out for its collaborations with brands and designers like JJJJound, Joe Freshgoods, and Aime Léon Dore, strengthening its brand image focused on quality and innovation without necessarily relying on ambassadors. These partnerships reflect the values ​​of performance and comfort that are at the heart of New Balance, while capturing the essence of current streetwear fashion.

New Balance continues to prove that innovation in comfort and performance can coexist with influential streetwear style, affirming its status as an iconic brand in both sports and everyday fashion.


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