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Nike Dunk Low

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The most popular low-top sneaker from Nike awaits you on Addict! Find now the essential limited versions of the Dunk Low in an exclusive collection of new and authentic sneakers for men, women and children.


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Nike Dunk Low: A Timeless Silhouette Through The Eras

Anchored in urban culture

More than ten years after its introduction in 1985, the Nike Dunk marked a turning point for Nike Basketball, a flourishing period for basketball that saw the birth of this iconic silhouette. Born from the innovation and creativity of a young team of designers at Nike, the Dunk Low quickly found its place not only on the pitch but also in the street, thanks to its leather design which embodied the spirit of the basketball while meeting the demands of urban fashion. Designed by Peter Moore, the Nike Dunk, initially named College Color High, was an innovative assembly of various sneaker models, inspired in part by the Air Force 1.

Notable Nike Dunk Low collaborations

Collaborations have played a crucial role in the evolution of the Dunk Low, strengthening its connection to street culture and fashion. In 2019, a notable collaboration with introduced three new colorways of the Dunk Low, each featuring deconstructed leather that blends comfort and modern style. One of the most original partnerships was that with Ben & Jerry's, which resulted in the creation of the Nike SB Dunk Low "Chunky Dunky", characterized by carefully chosen materials and a unique design reflecting the fanciful universe of Ben & Jerry's . This collaboration was accompanied by a special edition “Special Box”, reinforcing its collectible character.

The Nike Dunk Low in women's and men's wardrobes

Today, the Nike Dunk Low remains a mainstay in the sneaker scene, with constant releases of new colorways and collaborations. In 2022, Nike continued to position the Dunk Low as a centerpiece of its strategy, demonstrating the desire to keep this model at the heart of current trends. Recent collaborations, like the one with Off-White, have revitalized interest in the model, introducing new variations that take inspiration from the sporty, retro colorways of the original "Be True To Your School" range.

Continued impact and undisputed success

The comeback of the Nike Dunk Low has confirmed its status as a must-have in the world of sneakers. Frequent new releases and limited editions continue to captivate sneaker lovers as well as basketball and skateboard enthusiasts, making the Dunk Low a transgenerational symbol of style and performance. This model not only dominated basketball courts and skate parks but also conquered the streets, becoming a fundamental piece of contemporary sneaker culture.


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