How to spot fake sneakers?

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Did you buy from fake sneakers when you were trying to get the Yeezy you wanted and they sold out in minutes? Believe it or not, there are knockoffs in the sneaker world too, and while they don't cost you as much as buying a fake whiskey, they're annoying and frustrating, and avoidable.

These days, there are pairs of sneakers that can cost up to millions of dollars (like the Air Strength 1 of Michael Jordan or all first Yeezy that Kanye did ), it's because the demand is very high, they are trendy and the sneaker culture means that some pairs are sold out in minutes and fans and collectors end up scour the internet for them. The problem with that is that the most wanted models are hard to find and some take advantage of this to make a little more money, by tricking buyers into thinking it's an original pair, when in reality it's a copy that's not worth half the price. price at which it is sold. This happens with watches, cosmetics and bags, sneakers are counterfeit and sold as if they were "real", and this makes the buying process even more complicated than it is (plus, no one wants to pay thousands of dollars for have something that is not original).

How to avoid falling into the trap? Jasmine Habbouchi , authenticator at the Authenticity Assurance Center from eBay Australia, told Man of Many that there are a few things that can identify a real model and a copy, and that's exactly what she and other experts use to make sure the pairs sold on eBay are genuine and totally legit.

How to spot them?

The box

The first thing you need to look at is the packaging of the shoes (don't buy anything without a box). According Mr. Habbouchi , the colors and patterns printed on the boxes are among the most difficult elements to copy. So you may see differences in fonts, sizes, and shades. It is important that you pay attention to all these details and compare them with a real box before purchasing.

The smell

No, we're not talking about someone's musty smell or dirty socks. The experts mention an element called “false smell”, which means that being new, the fake sneakers and the original sneakers smell different, as each shoe is constructed with a combination of different materials that give them a distinctive smell. Counterfeiters use poor quality materials, so the smell will never be the same.

Avoid questionable sites

You should only buy from sites that you can trust and that guarantee the quality and authenticity of the product . So it's best to trust those in the know and stay away from stores (especially online) that don't offer the same guarantee and security. It's important that the platform you're buying from offers a third-party guarantee that they're not making any profit from what they're selling.

Pay attention to the most wanted models

Usually the most wanted, popular and hyped models are the ones that are the most counterfeited so if you want a pair of Air Jordan 1 or from Yeezy , you have to pay attention to every detail and not let the desire to have them lead you to buy without thinking.

The details

Of the elements such as seams, color combinations and even laces can tell if a pair is authentic or not. You must therefore take the time to study every detail carefully, checking the exterior and interior of the shoes, feeling the sole, the quality of the materials and seeing if these colors have really been produced in this way by the brand. .

Ask the Experts

If you have any doubts, you can always go to the fan forums , where you can ask everything you need to know about a particular pair, store, or marketplace, to make sure you're buying something truly worthwhile.

Source: HQ Magazine

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