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Nike Air Force 1

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Cult since its creation in 1982 by Bruce Kilgore, the Air Force 1 invites you to visit Addict! Find the inimitable Nike sneaker in an exclusive selection of new and authentic pairs for men, women and children.


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Nike Air Force 1, an essential classic in the world of sneakers

The sneaker for urban youth

The Nike Air Force 1 is a true icon in the Nike portfolio, renowned for being one of the first sneakers to incorporate the revolutionary Nike AIR cushioning technology when it was created in 1982. Designed by Bruce Kilgore, this shoe elegantly combines simplicity and technical innovation. With its sleek design, mainly white with gray details for the mid and high versions, it was inspired, according to legend, by the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. Its name directly refers to the American presidential plane, consolidating its iconic image.

Despite being removed from the market after just two years due to its meteoric success, the relentless demand for the Air Force 1 has pushed retailers to demand its reintroduction. Nike gave in, but only on condition of massive orders. This return solidified the unique connection between the Air Force 1 and urban youth, symbolizing more than just a shoe: a cultural phenomenon.

The Air Force 1: Symbol of streetwear and hip-hop

The rise of street and hip-hop cultures in the 1990s and 2000s propelled the Air Force 1 to legendary status. Adopted by influential rap figures such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and Damon Dash, the sneaker has even inspired musical tributes, including Nelly's famous song "Air Force Ones". TI, another influential artist, expressed in a documentary published on the Nike SNKRS application his exclusive attachment to this model.

Beyond the United States, the Air Force 1 crossed the Atlantic to take root in European urban culture, with London as the main vector of propagation. The sneaker continues to reinvent itself, as evidenced by the recent collaboration with Off-White for the Off-White Black version. Today, the Air Force 1 remains a pillar of streetwear fashion, confirming its status as a timeless icon in the sneaker industry.

Iconic Nike Air Force One collaborations: Off-White, Travis Scott, CLOT, PEACEMINUSONE

Nike Air Force 1 Low

The Nike Air Force 1 Low, since its launch in 1983 at $62.95, a year after the High version, quickly became a symbol of hip-hop culture. Nicknamed "Uptown" on the streets of New York, it has gained considerable popularity thanks to its accessibility and its connection to working-class neighborhoods. In 1984, despite Nike's initial plan to stop production, the enthusiasm of fans in Baltimore and the initiative of the "Color of the Month Club" saved the AF1 from oblivion. This model offered the opportunity for various artists and designers to reimagine the silhouette, transforming each collaboration into a unique expression of creativity. Among these collaborations is that with Virgil Abloh for his The Ten collection, where he revisited the Air Force 1 with an unstructured design and innovative materials such as transparent fabric. Travis Scott also added his touch to the AF1 three times, incorporating unique materials and designs that captivated sneaker fans. The Hong Kong label CLOT and the Korean artist G-DRAGON with PEACEMINUSONE have also left their mark on this iconic model.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid: A hybrid silhouette

Introduced in 1994, the Air Force 1 Mid is positioned between the High and the Low with its mid-high collar. Revealed during the “City Attack” campaign, it highlighted different facets of urban culture. This version quickly crossed the Atlantic, captivating European audiences thanks to initiatives like that of Foot Locker in Paris and London. In 1997, the release of the "Independence Day" edition, inspired by the American national holiday, reinforced its status. Various designers, including Riccardo Tisci in 2014, have revisited this model, bringing a touch of luxury to the silhouette.

Nike Air Force 1 High: The original model

Launched in 1982 at $80, the Air Force 1 High was the first to incorporate AIR technology, revolutionizing cushioning for basketball players. Its popularity was such that despite Nike's initial plans to limit production to two years, demand encouraged the company to continue. The "Three Amigos", three store managers in Baltimore, played a key role in persuading Nike to continue producing the AF1. In 2022, for its 40th anniversary, the Air Force 1 High was reinvented with the "Sculpt" version, which modernizes the classic elements of the silhouette.

These collaborations and iterations demonstrate how the Nike Air Force One has evolved to remain a timeless classic, while adapting to diverse trends and cultural influences, affirming its iconic status in the sneaker world.

A universally loved sneaker: the unisex appeal of an iconic model

Despite its origins rooted in male sports and music icons, the shoe quickly captured a female audience, a development that Nike teams have skillfully integrated into their strategy. The Triple White model, in particular, has become a staple in women's wardrobes, affirming its status as a unisex sneaker. Faced with this craze, Nike responded with a variety of versions adapted specifically for women, thus enriching their emblematic collections with lines designed to meet feminine tastes and preferences.

These special collections for women are both feminine and colorful, bringing a modern touch to the classic model. With pastel shades and decorative details like jewels, Nike has carefully crafted these editions to captivate sneaker lovers. These versions don't just meet aesthetic expectations; they also reflect a deep understanding of female consumers' desires, cementing the sneaker's position as a popular choice for everyone, regardless of gender.


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